How to Dress for Luxury Wine Tours


You’ve got it all planned out. You’re going on a luxury vacation enjoying some of the best wines in the world’s most famous wine regions. But have you thought about what you’re going to wear? Since it’s a vacation involving luxury wine tours, you’ll have to consider dressing appropriately for vineyard tours without looking shabby. So here are a few tips on how to dress for luxury wine tours no matter where you decide to go:

#1. Dress for Comfort:

As much as style is necessary, you have to prioritize on comfort since your luxury wine tours might involve a tour of vineyards. And most wine tastings may involve standing, you will need to opt for comfortable footwear. For men, this is much easier as you can simply throw on a pair of loafers and you’re going to be as comfortable as ever while looking dapper.

For women, this gets a bit tricky. Wine tastings are supposed to be luxurious and you would want to dress classy for the event. At the same time luxury wine tours might also involve walking through gravely parking lots and muddy fields. And you might want to picnic in the sprawling green fields after the tour is over. So this excludes wearing your sexy high heels.

Dress for comfort - wine tour

While you could carry along your heels to dress up for dinner, be prepared with footwear that can handle soft grass and all sorts of terrain. You’ll need to wear shoes that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable after several hours of walking and standing during the luxury wine tours. Even if you’re not up for wearing sneakers, comfy wedges, loafers, or ballerina flats would be a better choice than stilettos.

#2. Be Prepared with Layering:

If your luxury wine tours involve a visit to wineries in microclimatic regions, you will have to be prepared to face massive temperature differences. While it’s extremely hot when you’re leaving your hotel room, you might encounter colder climates when you actually reach the vineyard or vice versa. And there may be huge temperature differences between different hours of the day.

This makes it crucial that you prepare yourself with layering like a light jacket or sweater. And some luxury wine tours could also involve visits to vineyards with outdoor patios. So bringing along some layers would ensure that you’re not too hot or too cold and you can comfortably enjoy your luxury wine tours.

#3. Balance Dressy with Casual:

Since you’re going on luxury wine tours, you might want to look classy and dress appropriately. But a tight bandage dress paired with 4-inch stilettos may not be the best choice for this trip. Strike a balance between dressy and casual clothing. Maybe you could pair your favorite denims with a lightweight shirt and a stylish scarf, for example.balance-dressy-with-casual-min-min

Balance Dressy with Casual - luxury wine tour

The idea is to keep your outfit simple while still dressing the part for luxury wine tours. Opt for low-maintenance and comfortable clothes and dress them up with simple but stylish accessories. Otherwise, you won’t be able to truly enjoy the wines if you have your clothes inhibiting your movement.

#4. Skip your Usual Beauty Routine:

For a perfect wine tasting experience, you need to make use of all your senses – sight, taste, and smell. Some makeup and beauty routines could prevent you from using all these senses. For example, wearing a cologne or perfume could prevent you from truly enjoying the smell of fine wines during your luxury wine tours. So you might want to skip any scented beauty products for the day.

Additionally, women should consider avoiding lipstick for a better wine tasting experience. The oils present in lipstick could affect the texture and flavors of the wines you taste during your luxury wine tours. And you wouldn’t want to be the culprit behind lipstick-stained wine glasses that are difficult to scrub off.

#5. Be Cautious about Lighter Colors:

Your luxury wine tours will involve tasting plenty of wines – both white and red. And even if you aren’t tasting reds, other people around you might be. So you need to factor in spills and stains. This means you should avoid wearing whites and light-colored clothing and opt for darker colors in which stains won’t be too visible.

avoid white color cloths - luxury wine tasting tour

#6. Avoid Carrying Unnecessary Items:

For a comfortable and stress-free experience for your luxury wine tours, minimize the load. Avoid carrying a giant bag with plenty of unnecessary items, which could be stressful while exploring sprawling vineyards and wine caves. Plus you want to keep your hands free to truly enjoy the wines. Opt for a smaller cross-body bag to carry some essentials unless you’re bringing kids along and you need to carry some of their items.

#7. Opt for a Low-maintenance Hairstyle:

Hairstyle is another factor you have to consider when dressing appropriately for your luxury wine tours. Men have another advantage here as they won’t have to worry about maintaining their hairstyle in windy or humid regions. If you have long hair, you might want to tie it into a bun or a ponytail as you need fuss-free hairstyle. You could even bring along a hat that will give you some shade while adding a style statement.


So now you have a good idea how you can dress the part for luxury wine tours and stay comfortably chic and classy. If you’re worried about being overdressed or underdressed, make sure you coordinate with friends or traveling companions so you won’t feel out of place. You could also consult with your luxury wine tours agency to find out more about the terrain, weather and facilities in the wineries you’ll be visiting.

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