The Ultimate Guide to Wine Tasting Tour for Parents


So you’re planning to go on a wine tasting tour and you’re already dreaming of the perfect vacation. You’ve laid out your plans on what you will do and how you’ll spend your days sipping the finest wines in the best wine regions of the world. But there’s only one problem – how are you going to take your kids along on wine tastings? Here’s a useful guide that will help you plan the perfect wine tasting tour with the entire family:

#1. Research, Research, and More Research:

Whether you’re taking the kids along or not, research is crucial whenever you’re planning a trip. And it’s especially important when you have to bring your kids on a wine tasting tour. Shortlist the wineries you want to visit and research ahead to see if they would allow kids.

Wine research - Wine tasting tour

After this, research the facilities to see if the visit would be appropriate for your kids. The winery should preferably have picnic areas, outdoor decks and patios, or even play areas and tables for kids. Some wineries may even have games and equipment for your kids to occupy themselves while you taste the finest wines.

#2. Plan your Schedule:

Once you have a clear idea which wineries you’re going to visit, you will need to come up with a strict schedule to follow during the wine tasting tour. For example, schedule one tasting before lunch, grab a quick lunch, and then go on another tasting before you head off to the park to relax. Normally, if you work with an agency to arrange a wine tasting tour, the agency would help you plan your schedule according to your needs.

#3. Don’t Go Overboard Visiting Wineries:

Agreed that this is a wine tasting tour and you want to visit as many wineries as possible during your visit. But you have to account for the fact that kids are kids and they may not have the patience or energy for an entire day visiting winery after winery. Try to limit yourself to three wineries a day and fit in some fun activities for kids. After all, it’s a family vacation so you have to think about what your kids would want as well.

You could try to include other activities like hiking or a picnic depending on what your kids might like to do. Find out what other attractions you can visit nearby and see if there are any family activities you can easily include in your wine tasting tour.

Hiking with family - wine tour

#4. Avoid Sticking to Tasting Rooms :

Tasting some of the best wines in a tasting room would be ideal but again, you have to think about the kids. Taste some of the complimentary wines but limit your time in the tasting room. Instead, opt to explore the vineyards and facilities with the kids so the entire family participates in an activity.

#5. Consider Off-season Visits:

While you may want to go on a wine tasting tour during the popular tasting times, you have to consider the crowd. Since you will be taking your kids along, it would be much more comfortable and safer to plan a visit during off-season. This way, you can avoid the crowd and calmly take your time going through the tasting menu.

#6. Be Prepared with Supplies:

You’ve done your research and you have picked wineries that accommodate kids. Maybe you’ve chosen to go to wineries that have special activities for kids. But make sure you’re prepared with backups in case things don’t go as planned. Bring along some color books, games, and books that will keep your kids occupied during the wine tasting tour.

Recommendations for Kid-friendly Wineries for your Wine Tasting Tour:

Now that you have a better idea how to plan for a wine tasting tour with the entire family, take a look at some of these recommendations of kid-friendly wineries and vineyards:

Recommendations in Sonoma:

  • Paradise Ridge Winery – Kids will get to explore a sculpture garden, experiencing art in a relaxed environment.
  • Benzinger Family Winery – Take a tour of the vineyard and wine caves in an open-air tram.
  • Larson Family Winery – Pet-friendly and kid-friendly winery with picnic area and bocce ball court.

Recommendations in Napa:

  • Long Meadow Ranch – Explore the vineyard and caves in 4×4 vehicles. Kids get to enjoy themselves in the petanque court while you enjoy the wines.
  • Frog’s Leap – Kid-friendly grounds with farm animals and special activities for kids.
  • Castello di Amorosa – Kids get to play with sheep and emus as well as peacocks.

Recommendations in Argentina:

  • Coordinate with a wine tasting tour agency

Recommendations in Chile:

  • Coordinate with a wine tasting tour agency

In the cases of Argentina and Chile, it’s best to coordinate with an agency and arrange for a wine tasting tour for the entire family. These agencies can help in making arrangements to accommodate kids during your winery visits. They will coordinate with the vineyards and wineries beforehand and come up with activities for you and your kids. Even for a visit to Napa and Sonoma Valley, you can always get in touch with an agency to make arrangements for a wine tasting tour with kids.

Wrapping up

So now you have a good idea how to plan the perfect wine tasting tour with your kids in tow. Whether you’re planning to visit the best wine regions in sunny California or you intend to explore new culture in Argentina and Chile, you won’t have too much trouble bringing your kids along.

While you may have a good idea what to do and how to plan ahead for a family-friendly wine tasting tour, nothing compares to having an expert help you out with it. If you’re dying to try out the best wines in the world’s famous wine regions with your kids in tow, you can always get in touch with us. Through our custom wine tours, we can customize a memorable wine tasting tour that will accommodate your entire family.

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