3 Interesting Facts About Sonoma Wine Country


Many people consider the Napa Valley to be a must-see destination if you’re visiting California. But there’s also no arguing that Sonoma wineries make for some of the most wonderful vineyard experiences you’ll ever have. Tango Tours wants to share three interesting facts about this region. They’re just a few of the many things we’ll help you discover on our Sonoma wine tours.

  1. It’s the birthplace of the modern wine industry – Did you know that our modern wine industry can be traced back to Sonoma wine country? You’ll know it’s true when you see some of the historical areas that house the region’s older commercial wineries. You’ll get a blend of both new and old when you visit this gorgeous countryside.
  2. It’s flowing with diversity – Sonoma wineries are bursting with diversity. Expect to see a variety of winegrape regions when you visit. Besides the wine, Sonoma offers a varied landscape with unique properties. Each winery visit will truly be a new experience for you.
  3. It’s ideal for anyone looking to learn more about wine – Sonoma wineries are perfect for wine enthusiasts of all experience levels. Whether you’ve just taken an interest in wine or have years of tasting under your belt, there are around 62,000 winegrape-filled acres for you to explore. Plus, each winery is filled to the brim with things to be discovered about wine and the wine-making process.

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