A city at night with lights and buildings

Buenos Aires: The Heart & Soul of Argentina


Buenos Aires is such a beautiful place, it’s not surprising that it’s considered to be the heart and soul of Argentina. When you book Argentina winery tours from Tango Tours, you’ll get to spend three magical days in Buenos Aires. Here’s why we think no trip to this country is complete without a visit to the capital city with our expert guides.

  • You’ll get to explore a city that truly dazzles – One day in the city of Buenos Aires will leave you yearning for more. We’ll make sure you have the chance to explore the city with half-day tours. We’ll show you some of the highlights of both the iconic southern neighborhoods of and the sprawling landscapes of the northern neighborhoods.
  • You’ll get to enjoy fine wines and food – Besides tango dancing, Argentina is known for its excellent wine and incredible cuisine. Buenos Aires is no exception. You can expect to sample some of the finest culinary experiences imaginable when you visit here. From feasting on steak and wine at the prestigious La Cabana to savoring the succulent grilled meats at the Café de los Angelitos, you’ll get to discover the true tastes of this beautiful area.
  • You’ll get to jump into Argentina’s culture – There’s no better place to immerse yourself in Argentina’s culture than in Buenos Aires. When you sign up for our exclusive Argentina winery tours, you’ll get the opportunity to visit some of the most historic and iconic estancias in the country.

To learn more about our itinerary for the capital city as part of our Argentina luxury wine tours, call Tango Tours. We’ll help you discover the best of wine and food in Argentina’s heart and soul, Buenos Aires.