Day Three in Buenos Aires

Today, we discover some of Argentina’s most iconic national treasures, from musical-inspiring first ladies to one of the world’s most romantic dance styles.

Since it would be impossible to capture the beauty, history, and mystique of the Argentinian capital in a single day, we’ll continue our exploration of Buenos Aires with a half-day tour of the northern neighborhoods. Highlights include the stunning architecture of Recoleta; the high-energy atmospheres of the Palermos; and the sprawling greenspaces of Belgrano. After a tour of these neighborhoods, we’ll take a deeper look into the life of one of Argentina’s most famous women: Evita Peron. At Museo Evita, you’ll discover the life behind the legend of the country’s famed heroine. The controversial first lady’s immaculate wardrobe is a must-see before lunch at the museum’s café.

After lunch, you’ll have the afternoon to explore Buenos Aires at your leisure. Take the opportunity to visit one of the nearby museums, if you didn’t yesterday, or see the incredible art galleries housed on-site.

Dinner in itself promises to be a cultural treat. At Café de los Angelitos, feast on your choice of grilled meats and decadent desserts as you sip on Argentinian wines. After dinner, you’ll be mesmerized as dancers tango their way across the stage during an unforgettable performance, showcasing the moves, music, and elegance that have made the tango one of the most notable dance styles in the world.