Why Argentina is the Ultimate Destination for Wine Lovers

A wine tour is like a dream. And, in this whole world, you will find a lot of countries that are famous as wine destinations. One such place is Argentina. It is known for its lush Malbec wines having a rich flavor and thick texture. But, what else makes Argentina, a perfect place for a wine lover are these ten reasons.

1. Spectacular High Elevation

Most of the vineyards that are located at an altitude of 4900 ft above the sea level, yield strong, rich and deep colored wines. This is because of the higher elevation which attracts a good amount of concentrated sunlight, leading to tanning or pigmentation of grapes.

2. Known For The World’s Largest Commercial Vineyards

Argentina is home to the world’s largest commercial vineyards in Salta. It is located at 9800 ft above sea level.

3. History Of Wine Growing In Argentina

Somewhere around the mid- 16th century, the Spanish missionaries planted the country’s very first wine-making grapes to make communion wine.

4. Rich Flavors In Affordable Prices

In Argentina, you will find rich wines at prices as low as $10-$15. And, they are renowned around the world for being so tasty and affordable.

5. Innovative Wines And Their Blends

By doing constant experiments with different wine varieties, the Argentine winemakers focus on developing unique and exciting blends.

6. Argentina Malbecs: Rich And Dense

Argentina is the world’s largest producer of rich red varieties of wines.

7. Fascinating And Exclusive Wines From Torrontes

The unique blend of Argentine wines made from Torrontes makes them light and aromatic.

8. Argentine Bonarda, Another Popular Wine

Apart from the Malbec, Argentina is also known for a medium-bodied wine which is slightly delicate than the Malbec.

9. Healthy Vines

Unlike in Europe, the grapes are grown in Argentine soil and that is why they are free of pests. This makes the Malbecs, the world’s finest wines.

10. Pinot Noirs For All Wine Lovers

Patagonia, a chilly winemaking region in Argentina produces acidic and lively fruits that give pinot noirs their complex textures.