3 Luxury Travel Mistakes to Avoid


Deciding to go on an adventure to another country like Argentina or Chile is exhilarating. But there’s nothing worse than taking a trip that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Thankfully, you can avoid a lot of disappointment if you plan your travel the right way. This is especially true for luxury travel. As one of the country’s leading luxury wine tour providers, Tango Tours wants to make sure you avoid these three luxury travel mistakes:

  1. Not choosing authentic experiences – When you visit another country (or even another city, for that matter), you have a choice. You can stick to the tried and true tourist experiences or you can seek out things to do that are more authentic. Don’t pass up your chance to get a glimpse of a different culture and interact with locals.
  2. Going with what’s popular – How do you choose where to travel and what to do? Travel trend lists are everywhere, but you want your experience to be personal and meaningful for you. As the saying goes, take the road less traveled.
  3. Trying to plan it yourself – Travel professionals can make any trip go more smoothly. If you want to experience luxury travel, working with an expert is a must. For example, our wine tour professionals will help you plan your trip, select your lodging, and choose your itinerary. It takes away all the stress when it comes to planning an international wine tour.

If you’re ready for a real cultural adventure that’s also stress-free, call Tango Tours today. We’ll show you how to enjoy fine w