How to Choose a Luxury Wine Tour


Choosing a luxury travel experience can be an incredible gift to yourself. But if you choose to work with a tour company, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right one. As a luxury wine tour specialist, Tango Tours helps our customers find just the right experience. Here are some things we recommend you look for in any domestic or international wine tours you’re considering.

  • Package deals – It’s always good to work with a luxury tour company that provides packages. These often wind up being excellent deals, with meals, wine tastings, and first-rate lodging included in the price.
  • Special requests – While package deals are especially helpful for tour goers, you want to make sure they’re not “one size fits all.” Does the tour company provide accommodations and assistance for guests with special requests such as food allergies or dietary restrictions? This guarantees that your tour is both safe and enjoyable.
  • Destination options – If you want to take a tour that will open you up to new experiences, work with luxury tour providers that offer an array of destinations around the globe.
  • Tour options – Are you looking for a group tour or something more private? Think about the type of luxury wine tour you’re interested, but keep an open mind. Luxury tour groups are quite different than what you may imagine.

Whether it’s your first time going on a luxury wine tour or you’re a repeat customer, Tango Tours wants to make sure your tour is unforgettable. Let us help you plan your next travel experience.